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Maksim Karliuk_About Me

Short Biography

Maksim Karliuk (LLM and PhD in Law) has more than ten years of working experience at the intersection of law, philosophy and public policy. Currently, he is a research specialist at the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) in Rome, where he works to advance peace and sustainable development through the rule of law. He previously worked as a principal consultant and program specialist at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), taught at the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Science Po), and had several other academic engagements around the world. He has been included in the 2021 Santander-CIDOB 35 under 35 list of potential and consolidated minds.

Recently he has been included in the Santander-CIDOB 35 under 35 List, which recognizes the work of 35 potential and consolidated minds of 35 or less years of age. CIDOB is Barcelona Centre for International Affairs, a research center that has been named as one of the top Think Tanks to Watch in 2021 by the Global Go To Think Tank Index Report just behind the Washington, D.C.-based Hoover Institution and Brookings Institution. Santander is one of the largest banking institutions in the world. To learn more about the 35 under 35 list, see here.

More About Me

I have 10+ years of working experience at the intersection of law, policy, and philosophy, currently working at the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) focusing on the rule of law to advance peace and sustainable development. Previously I worked at the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) focusing on the Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is the first global normative instrument in this field. I also represented UNESCO as a member of the European Commission Expert Group on AI and Data in Education and Training.

I also held a number of academic and research positions, most recently teaching at Sciences Po in Paris. I have been doing research on law and development and have a large track record researching regional integration, based on which I have published a book with Cambridge University Press in 2023. I have a deep interest in normative ethics, and I am the founder and convenor of the UNESCO Café-philo on Ethics. I am a member of the Moral Sciences Club of the University of Cambridge, Italian Institute of Classical Studies, Advisory Council of the Indian Society of Artificial Intelligence and Law, as well as several working and discussion groups.


I was an innovation fellow at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to facilitate innovations and use innovation methods, tools, and embed new approaches in projects with the focus on problem-solving, ideation, and experimenting solutions to real-life challenges. I am also a member of the UN Innovation Network. Interested in sustainability and innovations, I closely follow the developments in electric cars, solar power, new food technologies and related industries.

I also feel strongly about ensuring diversity, inclusiveness, and gender equality. I also do volunteering, in particular I am a member of the Selection Board of Atlas Corps - a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit that brings together social sector leaders and organizations and promotes innovation, cooperation, and solutions to address the world’s 21st-century challenges.

I currently reside in Rome, working globally. Undeterred by things like citizenship, I also lived in other places, including Paris, Washington, D.C., Moscow and the beautiful city of Bruges in Belgium.

My native language is Belarusian. I also speak fluently Russian and English, and less fluently French, Italian and Ukrainian. At various times I also studied Latin, Greek, Ancient Greek and Korean.

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