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Throughout years I had a pleasant opportunity to collaborate with numerous profound organizations, and people standing behind those organizations and the value they bring to the world.

At the European Commission I was a member of the Expert Group on AI and Data in Education and Training representing UNESCO. The main task of the group was to assist the European Commission in the preparation of ethical guidelines in this field based on the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI. I was particularly a member of the core team working on ethics.

At UNESCO I was a Programme Specialist in the Bioethics and Ethics of Sciences and Technology Section of the Social and Human Sciences Sector. I started in 2020 as the principal consultant on the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI) with the main tasks to develop an overall framework of possible ethical values, principles and policies on AI ethics that are relevant to UNESCO's fields of competence and priorities. I also worked on identifying possible structures and prepared the background document for the first ever global normative instrument in this field - the Recommendation on the Ethics of AI (the end result of these particular tasks can be found here). I continued the work supporting the process of elaborating the Recommendation through the drafting, consultations, and intergovernmental negotiations stages. The Recommendation was adopted at the UNESCO General Conference in November 2021 (see here), after which I focused on its implementation, particularly developing the tools of ethical impact assessment and readiness benchmarking.

At IDLO I am a Research Specialist in the Research and Learning Department working on the rule of law, access to justice and sustainable development issues. My main focus is on developing high-quality corporate knowledge products in these areas, while actively contributing to the management of the research pipeline and quality control process. I am particularly involved in the cross-institutional thematic cluster on digital innovation, and also work on developing the idea of digital rule of law. I further contribute to maintaining effective relationships with key stakeholders and support program teams to ensure deliverables meet quality standards. As the rule of law has been in persistent decline globally several years in a row, I strive to do my utmost to reverse this trend, and eventually reshape the world into one where every person lives in dignity and equality under the rule of law. Overall, as the motto of IDLO says, it is about creating a culture of justice.

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